Regular Services

Keeb Kwm Hmoob Catholic – Hmong Catholic history. Click here to read…

Hmong American National Catholic A ssociation (HANCA) is a non-profit Religious organization established in the early 1980’s by the Hmong Catholic Community in the United States. Our goal is to:

  • Revisit and strengthen Hmong Catholic ways of life in the United State
  • Look for Funding to hire a National Director for HANCA’s projects
  • Improve and change the Hmong Catholic funeral rituals books
  • Create a Marriage sacrament and other holy sacrements books
  • Finish the New testament and the translation of the Old testament
  • Form a committee to create and improve the actual sums
  • Improve and continue to publish the news ‘Tsim Neej Tshiab’
  • Create the yearly prayers book
  • Provide a storage location for the Hmong Catholic Faith books and other Hmong books
  • Finish the Video ‘Jesus of Nazareth’
  • Provide Faith formation Hmong Catholics young adults
  • Organize a National Convention every two years (location varies base on Board decision)
  • Provide leadership and religious training to Hmong catechists
  • Worked with local Catholic community to welcome Hmong families to their congregation

Other Services

HANCA keeps an inventory of books in Hmong language such as:

  • Catholic Worship books
  • Bible
  • Prayer Songs
  • Cultural
  • Others

If interested, please visit: HMONG RPA