The HANCA of All Souls

All Souls Youth Ministry Mission Statement and Objectives

All Souls is a community that sees our young people as an integral, vital and vibrant part of the Hmong American National Catholic Association. Our mission is to provide an environment in which our young people are inspired to grow spiritually with God, with the wider community, with themselves and with the whole world.

Welcome Statement

We recognize that many church job descriptions might be a challenge for even Jesus to fulfill. We also recognize that fruitful ministries do not evolve overnight.  What we are looking for is someone who values the creation of culture in a faith community; someone who is fed by developing a culture of mutuality, acceptance, maturity and hospitality among youth and adults.  This is the heart of what All Souls is about and from where our energy comes.  We are looking for someone who will be a rich addition to a vibrant and supportive faith community.

Objectives of the HANCA Youth Ministry

1) The youth will exhibit a culture of inclusion and hospitality by accepting every member or visitor as an integral part of the group.

2) Our youth will be knowledgeable and articulate about their faith and its practices. They will be able to express how their faith informs their life choices.

3) They will be encouraged to be participants in the practices of their faith including those specific to the liturgical calendar.

4) Our youth will regularly engage the Scriptures and know the basic stories of our salvation history.

5) Our youth will be engaged with and serving both our own community and the wider community of Asheville.  This engagement will offer opportunity for them to reflect on their own lives, their choices and behaviors relative to these experiences; through these experiences they will reflect on how their behaviors are life giving to others.

6) Youth ministry will be a place of joy and laughter.

7) Our Senior High youth will function as leaders and trainers for other youth and adults.

8) Our Middle School youth will grow through fellowship and their connection to a core group of peers within All Souls.

9) The youth will engage in theological reflection and will be taught how to cultivate a prayer life.

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