Our Vision

A compassionate, respectful and just community in which all people participate and build stronger relationship with GOD and Jesus Christ…

To achieve our Vision we will build strong and supporting communities to help people realize their potential and live the best life they can.

We will work to fulfil our Vision for Hmong American National Catholic Association through a commitment to:

  • Encouraging people to make positive long-term changes in Christ and their lives
  • Enabling individuals, families and communities to build positive community relationships in Christ
  • Enabling people to live as independently as possible and be connected to others
  • Embracing social enterprise as a way of doing GOD business that has a positive impact on our community.

Our Values


We care about all people and their place in community


We build meaningful relationships with people based on acceptance, trust and respect


We listen, learn and respond to the changing needs of people and the communities in which they live